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The Hanging Tree
Drinking Blood Safely

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Straight Info On Vampires, Bloodplay, and Me

Real Vampires?
For many years, an entire subculture of so-called "mortal vampires" and blood fetishists has existed in the US.  These vampires are nothing like those one would see in the movies; they are human beings who play the roles of fanciful vampire characters, often sharing blood with each other and even having their teeth capped with fang tips.  This vampire subculture is largely intertwined with the S&M fetishist underground. 
How Is Thirtysilver A Part of This?
There is much melodrama surrounding mortal vampires and their extravagant and sometimes dangerous practices.  While I have been engaging in bloodplay for a while, I am not into sadistic or masochistic sex; nor do I consider myself a "goth."  I enjoy consuming blood, but I know the risks involved and I never fail to take utmost caution. 
What I practice is not a ritual of any kind.  It is not worship, nor is it even remotely spiritual.  Usually, a donor will use a razor or lancet to incise the tip of his or her finger; I would never ask anyone to open a larger vein.  From said incision I will suck a few grams of blood.  Then, ideally, the donor will use a styptic on the wound to help it heal and protect it from infection.  Ingesting the blood makes me feel energized, euphoric.  I am aware that there is no biological reason for such a reaction; it's all in my head and I'm fine with that.  This is the extent of my bloodplay.  It's as harmless as a syringe puncture;  I'm in no danger of contracting any blood-borne disease, as I only take blood from donors I know very well and who are also, themselves, not at risk.
Moral Implications
It's easy to see how individuals with easily offended conservative sensibilites would be appalled by and misunderstand blood fetishism.  I can only urge such people to try and look at this practice with an open mind.  But it is neither my job nor my desire to convince others to see things my way.  I do what I do, no one is harmed, and anyone who wants to cast dispersion, confront me with religion, or cite vague and ill-founded aphorisms about absolute morality is entitled to his or her opinion.
For more information on bloodplay, mortal vampires, and the vampire subculture, I suggest you read "Piercing the Darkness: Undercover With Vampires in America Today" by Anne Rice biographer, Katherine Ramsland, Ph.D. 

Still have questions?  Feel free to email me.