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The Hanging Tree

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Photo by: G.L. Schmitt

8.27.06 Thanks to everyone who came to the 30Ag show at OLCH; and thanks to Evan C. for setting it up.  Watch this site for more show dates!
Also Those of you who have Insight Cable -Thirtysilver is listed, along with contact info, in the Local Arts section of your LocalSource menu.  Just go into Community, then Local Arts, and I'm number 6 in the Musical Artist Gallery.  And while it may seem hilarious to prank call me, I assure you that it is not.
"Corvus and Crater," TS's newest CD out of LR studio, is now available.  It has ten all new tracks and, I believe, represents the best of Thirtysilver to date.  Email me and I'll gladly send you a copy of either "Corvus and Crater" or the original three-song demo recorded at Louisville Recording Arts with the fantastic Howie Gano.
You can hear all the songs on the three-song demo, as well as two more originals, here.  Special thanks to Mike for the hosting!
I'm still looking to get a band together.  I need a drummer, a bassist, and a lead (or rhythm) guitarist.  Also, if you play some weird instrument like Theremin or doghouse bass, don't let that deter you from sending me an email.  All are welcome here.  Contact me if you want to get in on this hot Thirtysilver action!